Music April ’17

One of the good things that have come from my recent months of unemployment is a sudden increase in time spent perusing parts of Spotify I haven’t seen before. I think I mentioned in a previous post how I only recently signed up for streaming services. I don’t know why it took so long, but in addition to making my life a whole lot simpler by making everything I want to listen so accessible, it also makes it easier to sample music by artists I have a vague idea of or even know literally nothing about. I’m not good at using the Daily Mix feature yet; I just find myself skipping through songs. But at night as I browse through social media before bed I like to go through various lists and queue up a whole bunch of songs I’ve never heard before. Most of the time I feel very neutral about them, occasionally I’ll really dislike one, and sometimes I’ll find a song that makes it onto my actual playlists. This blog post is basically just going to be me listing a few of the ones I’ve found recently.

Let’s get this out of the way before Harry Styles drops his single tomorrow and I inevitable listen to nothing else for about a week!


Frank Ocean – Chanel

I mentioned this last time, and it’s not actually a song I found randomly on Spotify, but a song I found as a result of loving Frank Ocean. Last time I blogged this had just been released and I hadn’t had the time to listen to it more than once, but since then I have come to love this song. It’s not my favourite of his, but I love the lyrics. I love the use of the Chanel logo as a metaphor for duality, and how that duality is applied to his bisexuality.


Jasmine Sokko – 1057

I randomly came across this when a music blog I follow on twitter mentioned Jasmine Sokko as one of the most interesting musicians in Singapore at the moment. I tend to let those kinds of mentions pass me by, but I thought hey, I like Singapore, why not check it out? Which as far as reasons go is a pretty dumb one, but it made me listen so it’s all swings and roundabouts. Jasmine Sokko writes, sings and produces her music herself, and I actually really enjoy her work. It’s definitely more about the beat than any lyrics here, but it’s fun and gets stuck in your head.


Amanda Delara – Paper Paper

My friend recommended Amanda Dalara to me. Actually, she recommended her newer single, but this is the one I liked the most. I am not good enough at keeping up with Norwegian music, which is a shame because it’s producing a lot of interesting songs at the moment. I really like the melody and her voice, but for the most part the appeal of this song lies in its lyrical content. I appreciate artists who make political statements in their music, who sing about their culture and experiences as people from minority backgrounds. And I think this is particularly interesting in today’s political climate.


Yelle –  Je Veux Te Voir

I don’t understand more than a couple of words of French so I have nothing to really say about this song other than it’s fun. I first heard it on Skam, but I had forgotten about that when I came across it again on Spotify.


Charli XCX  feat. MØ – 3AM (Pull Up)

I’ve been a naysayer for ages when it comes to Charli XCX. Mostly as a result of how overplayed Boom Clap was for a while. Either way, I’ve really enjoyed both the Vroom Vroom EP and Number 1 Angel. I like 3AM because it’s catchy and fun. I also really like MØ’s vocals on the bridge.


Stormzy – Big For Your Boots

I barely know anything about Stormzy other than that he brought a lot of pizza into Radio 1 the morning after the Brit Awards this year, and that he just released an album. Which make me very unqualified to comment much on his music. I do really like this song; it is one of my favourites to listen to at the gym, and is rhythmically very fun.


Tove Lo – Habits

I used to be obsessed with the Hippie Sabotage remix of Habits back in…2014? I can’t remember, but that summer when you couldn’t put on the radio without hearing it. I only recently came across the original version, and I have since come to really love it. The newness of the verses make them my favourite aspect of the song. I think the overall sad tone to the remix has given me an overall association of sadness in the chorus, and I like how that juxtaposes the more upbeat tones in the verses in this original version.


VÉRITÉ – When You’re Gone

I came across this on Spotify when it told me I would like it because I like Léon. My favourite part is the chorus, how it goes from quiet pre-chorus to quite energetic vocals where her voice gets this strained quality. Also, just how the melody builds more and more as the song progresses. I still don’t really know the song that well, but I keep getting it stuck in my head.


Little Mix – Love on the Brain (Acoustic cover)

Not technically a new song or even a recorded song, but I’ve been obsessed with this performance since I came across it on YouTube the other day. I don’t know if I’ve said so on this blog before, but while I love Little Mix and think they have some of the best vocalists currently out there, I have found their more recent music kind of generic and repetitive compared to their second album. I enjoy when they do these types of covers where they show off their vocal capabilities.


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