On My Playlist: March 17

After a while of prioritizing podcasts, videos and reading I’ve started listening to more music again. The result is that when I was extremely sleep deprived the other day I just sat down and wrote a lot of stuff about whatever artists came to mind. This is a somewhat edited version of the mess that I produced that day. Don’t expect any profound insight or anything, but here’s some music you should check out if you’re so inclined.


Lorde! Really, I’m obsessed with Lorde. I love her old stuff, I love her new stuff. I really genuinely love Green Light, even if I acknowledge that I will miss the more simplistic production of her older music if this is the dominant sound of Melodrama.  Liability is beautiful and tragic, and I really wish I had the ability to write as evocatively as she does. I think that’s what it comes down to for me with Lorde. Even if I don’t like the melody, production, beat, or whatever, I pretty much always think she’s amazing at lyrics. I can’t wait for June.


I’ve been listening to a lot of Kanye West lately. I tend to get hung up on my mixed feelings about him as a person, but I really appreciate a lot of his music. For the last couple of years I’ve been pretty obsessed with the beat in Black Skinhead, and after watching Skam last year Hold My Liquor has been a frequent go to song. When I was younger I used to be super obsessed with Heartless and Stronger, and more recently I’ve genuinely enjoyed listening to Fade and Ultralight Beam even if I’m not sure I like The Life of Pablo as a whole. Listening to Ultralight Beam when it gets to the last 30 or so seconds is in particular a fantastic musical experience. He does something interesting in his music that really intrigues me, and it’s great music for the gym.


I LOVE Childish Gambino. His music is unpredictable and feels like a whole range of different genres and experimentation. I have been obsessed with Heartbeat for years now, and lately I’ve been really into II. Zealots of Stockholm (Free Information) and II. Worldstar, as well as Redbone. I am finding “Awaken, My Love!” a little bit jarring after Because the Internet and Camp, but in an intriguing, I want to get to know it kind of way.


Léon, a Swedish singer I recently came across, has one of the best voices I’ve heard in a while. Her voice on the chorus of Liar is fantastic, and that song in general is amazing. I also love Treasure and Tired of Talking.


Frank Ocean is still one of my favorites at the moment. It’s just something about his voice that really appeals to me. Lately I’ve been listening to Novacane a lot, but he’s one of those artists I’ll quite happily put on shuffle and just listen to for a while. I haven’t listened to Slide or Chanel enough yet to really make up my mind, but I like them both so far and I really like that he seems to be releasing music more frequently now than he used to.


Dua Lipa seems to be doing really well at the moment. Last I checked she had three songs on the UK top 20 and she doesn’t even have an album out yet. I think Blow Your Mind (Mwah) is catchy as hell, but Be the One is my favourite and a song I’ve been listening to a lot lately. I think she has a really good voice and seems really cool, and I have this not so secret hope that she’ll do a collaboration with Harry Styles at one point. Also, shout out to her live video of Somebody to Love with Troye Sivan. I love everything about that video.


The XX‘s On Hold throws a really effective emotional punch and I love it. I’m still growing to appreciate their music, and it’s a little bit hit or miss for me still, but the lyrics in that song really speaks to me on several levels.


The Weekend is my jam at the moment. He captures a certain mood in his music that really sits well with me at the moment, and I’ve listened to a lot of songs from Beauty Behind the Madness, and a few from Starboy. My absolutely favourite song of his is High for This, though.


Lastly, I’ve been listening to a lot of Grimes the last couple of weeks. For the longest time I never really understood the appeal, but I am now listening to Art Angels a lot and really enjoying her as an artist. I really like all the singles from this album, in particular Kill V. Maim.


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