2016 Autumn/Winter Playlist Highlights

This post has been in my drafts for so long that by now this list feels a bit outdated. After some tweaking it does at least partially represent the music I’ve been listening to for the last six months, if not the stuff I listen to most right now. Maybe I’ll get around to writing about that before another six months go by!

Anyway, here are some things I’ve been listening to.


Catfish and the Bottlemen – The Ride

My number one favourite band (at the moment, anyway) released their second album earlier this year, and it is my favourite album of the year. Well, it’s a strong contender and definitely in my top two so far. I appreciate a lot of the music that appears on the charts these days, some of which will be discussed later in this post, but when the singles lists are filled with a lot of EDM inspired hits (much of which, it should be noted, is really good) it is nice with some indie guitar rock. I became obsessed with every single released off this album prior to its release, and have since come to love several of the album tracks. My favourite is Red, but I love the hook on Anything and the chorus of Twice. All versions of 7 are excellent, and I love that the title of the album appears on its last track, Outside. The Ride is an excellent second album, and I am so excited for anything else they have up their sleeve. I was lucky enough to see them play in London in November, they were as good as I expected.


Frank Ocean – Rushes

Look, I prefer Fran Ocean’s first album Channel Orange. That said, I think there are definite highlights on both Blonde and Endless. I particularly like Ivy, Pink/White, White Ferrari and Solo. My favourite by far off of the two albums he released is Rushes. It’s gorgeous, and showcases Frank Ocean’s insane vocal talent. Also, because I feel like it’s worth noting, I think Frank Ocean is the coolest.


Tove Lo

I’ve liked Tove Lo for a while, but I spent a coupld of weeks this year obsessed with Cool Girl. It’s kind of a silly song, but it’s super catchy and I love singing along to the chorus. I also love the song she did with Nick Jonas, Close, and lately I’ve been listening a lot to Under the Influence, so I guess I’m just appreciating her music at the moment.



I’ve written about how much I love Banks here before, and I’m excited to listen more to her new album now that I have some more free time on my hand. Lately I’ve been listening a lot to the singles, but I’m particularly in love with Fuck With Myself and Gemini Feed. The former of which tends to get somewhat awkwardly stuck in my head.


Ariana Grande

I used to really dislike her music. It would annoy me how easily her songs got stuck in my head despite the fact that I don’t really like them. Maybe I’ve mellowed, or maybe I just like her new songs better, I don’t know. Either way, I’ve been a big fan of her recent singles. I was slightly disappointed that I didn’t love the whole album, but I still really love Dangerous Woman and Into You a lot. Also, the Into You video is so silly and delightful.


Snakehips ft. Zayn

My on-again-off-again relationship with Zayn is currently on off after this whole business of him executive producing a show about a boyband, but this song is so insanely catchy that I can’t even let the line ‘You’re body hurts me, looping round like CCTV’ stop me from playing it all the time.


Years and Years 

Y&Y can basically do no wrong. Can they just release another album yet? Also shout out to whoever came up with this music video choreography, it’s ridiculous but great.



The 1975

This is a second strong contender for my favourite album of the year, which I already wrote a post about. I have come to love it more, but differently, since that post. Somebody else is probably my favourite song of the year, but I also still love The Sound and Ugh to death.


Karpe Diem

This is more of a rediscovery. After moving back to Norway recently I’ve started listening to them again.



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