New Music: Ed Sheeran “Sing”

As you might have heard, Ed Sheeran released his new single today. Ed Sheeran has become more widely known since his collaboration with Taylor Swift, so I’m assuming he is on a lot of people’s radar by now. I started listening to his music when I moved to London back in 2012 and I’ve really liked his music since. I watched his live stream tonight, and it’s the first time I’ve really seen him talk about his music. I like that he is so young but is still so grounded and self-aware. It’s a thing I’ve seen a lot with British musicians since I started paying better attention, and I appreciate that people who are that famous can be so level-headed.

As for “Sing”, I wasn’t thrilled when I heard a 20 second preview of it the other day, but listening to the full version made a huge difference for my enjoyment of the song. It is so catchy! It is different from what he has done before, but it works. I’ve been playing it on repeat tonight, and I’m at the point where I don’t actually know how it starts and ends. It’s a really good song, and it makes me really excited to hear what else will be on his album when it’s released!



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