Songs and Soundbites

I wanted to post something today, but it’s one of those days when no matter how hard I try, whatever I write just turns out weird and/or unstructured, so instead of publishing a post about the Veronica Mars movie (which I have been planning to do for ages now), I’m just going to give you this: a post with random music, sound clips and videos I’m currently into. Enjoy!

The 1975 – Sex

I am obsessed with this band and this song. (Note to self: Don’t type ‘Sex’ into the search bar without the band name next to it)

Grimmy plays ‘Which Direction’ – Lads FM (R1 Breakfast Show)

Because I find it endlessly amusing that Nick can’t tell Harry and Liam’s voices apart.


Kiesza – Hideaway

I like the song, but I love the video!


That’s it for now! xx



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