Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys aka the band I loved, forgot about and then rediscovered. It’s a band I, believe it or not, first fell in love with way back in 2006 or thereabouts because one of the actors I loved at the time was a fan of them. Back then I wasn’t as musically inclined as I am now, so that and the fact that my old computer crashed and took with it all my music regrettably made me forget about this little gem. Thankfully that is a mistake that has since been corrected, and I’m back on the Arctic Monkeys bandwagon.

I got reintroduced to the band via Radio 1 and continued on to fall completely in love with their latest album ‘AM’.  I’m kind of a purist (not sure if that is the correct use of that word, but I’m going with it) when it comes to music, meaning that most of the time I download complete albums rather than just singles. Normally this means that when I say I love an artist I have at some point heard most of their catalogue/album, even if I only listen to a few of the tracks regularly. Arctic Monkeys’ ‘AM’ is one of those few exceptions where pretty much all the tracks range from good to ‘favourite song of the year’ contenders. Looking at the track list right now there are a couple I don’t remember as well, but none that I remember disliking, which is more than I can say for a lot of my favourite artists.

More than usual I really wish I knew more about music composition, because I feel like it would benefit me when trying to explain the sound of this band. Simply stated I just love how they combine melody and lyrics in different and interesting ways. They use melody in a way that breaks up the metre of the sentences in ways I wouldn’t have expected when just reading the lyrics. I love how they don’t sound like anything else I’ve heard. As a lyric person I also appreciate a lot of their writing, which I will talk about in a little more detail as I give you a few of my favourite songs.

‘Do I Wanna Know?’ aka the song that has no bad parts aka the song I keep randomly starting to hum or sing when I’m doing housework. Basically the song I think will be my most played one for at least this half of 2014 (it’s currently number 2). It’s hard to say anything other than ‘I just love it’, honestly. My favourite line is probably ‘Cause there’s this tune I found that makes me think of you somehow and I play it on repeat, Until I fall asleep, Spilling drinks on my settee’. I can relate – although for me it’s not necessarily about a person; I just have a very strong musical memory to the point where there are songs that I listened to on the bus on my way to class in high school that still make me think of specific locations along that bus route when I listen to them now, 8 years later. I also really love the line ‘I’m sorry to interrupt. It’s just I’m constantly on the cusp of trying to kiss you’, mostly because of the way it sounds in the song but also because it’s clever.

‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?’ – I don’t really have any specific lyrical reasons why I like this song. The title is pretty self-explanatory. Mostly it’s just a really fun song to listen to, and I enjoy that it has a sort of throwback to ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ where there’s a line that goes ‘That the nights were mainly made for saying things that you can’t say tomorrow day’.

Since I figure three is a good number to end things on, the last one I’ll mention is ‘Fireside’, which if I’m not mistaken is a song about moving on. Not very revolutionary but still really good. I really love the part that goes ‘There’s all those places we used to go, And I suspect you already know, But that place on memory lane you liked still looks the same, But something about it’s changed’. Break up or no break up, that feeling of going back and seeing something that meant a lot to you before and experiencing it a bit different is something I’m very familiar with after moving around a lot throughout most of my life.

As I mentioned in my review of The Brit Awards last week, I was able to see them perform live as they opened the show with ‘R U Mine?’. It was a pretty fantastic start to the show, and great since their concerts in the near future are all sold out. Alex Turner had some strange things to say in his acceptance speeches (I suspect he was slightly drunk), but I’m really happy they won Best British Band and Best British Album.

That’s it for now. If you haven’t listened to them before then I do recommend you check them out. Please feel free to leave comments if you do end up liking them, or if you have suggestions for other artists that you think are good!



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