Brit Awards 2014: Best Bits

Yesterday I attended the Brits, and I thought I would write a little post about it. It was all televised and since I sat way way in the back and most of what happened in the breaks was people on the floor walking around, I don’t have a lot of gossip or funny stories from ‘behind the scenes’ so to speak. But I do have some favourite moments, some which are a little coloured by the experience as a whole. A general comment before I get started is that this was very different from anything I’ve ever done before. It was live, so the whole process of the production was very effective and fun to witness, and the performances were great but very different from regular concert performances. People were asked to remain seated throughout the show – with limited success – and there was generally less singing along, but great nonetheless.

The best moments:

  • James Corden and Nick Grimshaw reminiscing about Brits 13 and going for round two with a quick make out session on stage. Also Nick Grimshaw mentioning raising James’ baby with him.
  • All the drunkenness. Some of this was a little lost on me as I was sitting so far away, but I’ve caught up. Some highlights were Alex Turner acting all philosophical and borderline obnoxious in his acceptance speech and Rita Ora running off to a different table in the middle of her interview.
  • Harry Styles being MIA for their first win and proceeding to run up to the stage to tell everyone he went for a wee, then stage whispering “what did we win?” There were articles going around yesterday about him actually being out smoking with Nick Grimshaw and not in the bathroom, but on the radio this morning he seemed to be sticking to his story. Reasons why this was funny (despite the obvious): before the show started the celebrities were all told to make sure to stay on set when they knew they were up for an award and to not run/walk the catwalk. It was an award without nominees, but I think everyone knew they were winning that one. To quote someone on tumblr: “Harry Styles is the only one who can run in late to accept his own award and have people find it cute and endearing rather than rude.” Also, it gave James Corden a lot of material for jokes…
  • I sort of mentioned it, but I loved hearing the organiser telling everyone the rules, specifically telling all the celebrities how to act and how not to act. Some nice behind the scenes stuff, there.
  • James Corden referring to Bastille as Nick Grimshaw’s side project, implying that Nick and Dan from Bastille look a lot alike.


The Performances:

  • Arctic Monkeys “R U Mine?”: The one I looked forward to the most and a fantastic opening act filled with pyrotechnics that made it warm all the way up to my seat. I’m so obsessed with this band right now, and love that I got to hear them live.
  • Katy Perry “Dark Horse”: Probably the song of hers I like best, but I’m still not a huge fan. I liked the light show on the stage and I didn’t hate her singing, but the performance was weird and kind of all over the place.
  • Bruno Mars “Treasure”: I’ve seen him perform before and he was just as good this time.
  • Ellie Goulding “Need Your Love/Burn”: This was so good! I’ve only recently started listening to Ellie, and never seen any live footage of her. I loved how she started out acoustically by herself and then went into Burn, and that she played drums herself.
  • Beyoncé “XO”: I’m not as in love with Beyoncé as the world seems to be at the moment, but I kind of love this song so I was happy she did this one rather than “Drunk in Love”. I thought she sounded good and looked good, and it was cool that she came despite not being confirmed to perform until last-minute,
  • Lorde and Disclosure “Royals/White Noise”: I have mixed feelings about this. Both artists were good on their own, but the songs didn’t mesh that well. That being said, the Disclosure part was pretty freaking awesome to watch live. They have a couple of songs I like, but are not generally what I listen to most of the time. The light show and the bass and the atmosphere in the room made it genuinely one of the best performances of the night.
  • Bastille and Rudimental “Pompeii/Waiting All Night”: This was arguably the best performance. I love Bastille, I love some of Rudimental’s music, and I love how well they were able to collaborate. The stage looked fantastic, the light show was great; everything worked in this performance. Not very eloquent, but definitely check the performance out when they become available on YouTube!
  • Pharrell Williams and Nile Rogers “Lucky/Happy”: “Happy” has been everywhere the last couple of months and I really like listening to it. People got up and danced and all in all it was a great way to close the show. Also, the balloons they dropped down on the tables kept popping constantly for 10-15 minutes after the show ended as everyone was leaving the venue and the drunken guests were throwing them around and playing.



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