Tom Odell

For this very first instalment of Music Monday it’s all about Tom Odell, also known as my most recent musical obsession. I have a tendency to go on music binges where I get a bunch of albums that I add to my iTunes library and then continue to ignore for months. That is sort of what happened with Tom Odell’s album, Long Way Down, but this time my reasons for leaving it for later were more a result of other artists grabbing my attention first. Radio also heavily factors into it this time, and it’s only because of Radio 1 that I even heard about this artist. Story of my life lately. I was a little on the fence to start with, because despite being a fantastic singer, Tom Odell has a very particular style that it took me a little while to fully embrace.

As always I should stress that I’m not really qualified to review music. I usually just like what I like, and I like things for so many different reasons. Of all of Tom Odell’s songs (album songs, I should say – the first time I heard him sing was when he did ‘Hug Me, Harry’ on the Breakfast Show, but somehow I don’t think that counts here), the first one I actually heard was ‘I Know’, and the way I was introduced to it was probably a big reason for why I fell in love with it. I’m going to be one of those annoyingly vague bloggers now and not tell you what the circumstances were, but I will say that it’s one of many songs – and by extension, Tom Odell is one of many artists – that I’ve been introduced to in connection with something I’m already emotionally invested in. It’s the best ways to discover new music.

More recently I’ve become obsessed with ‘Another Love’, a song my sister described as very sad, but good – a fairly accurate description, to be honest. I’m love lyrics that explore hopelessness and difficult relationships and that are rooted in realism. Like, I don’t mind songs about breakups – there are some really good ones – but I really love songs that explore relationships where it’s just not working no matter how hard you’re trying, or where your previous relationships have left you in a place where you feel unable to give as much as you may want to, which in my novice opinion is how I interpret the lyrics in this song.

I’ll leave it at that for now, and I’ll try to do another one of these posts soon. I’m a lot more invested in music at the moment. Time will tell if inspiration strikes.


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