November Playlist

One Direction:

Let’s just get it out of the way: I really enjoy One Direction, no matter how “uncool” that is when you’re a 24 year old  sometimes-music-snob (FYI, I don’t actually think it is uncool). I am not obsessed, but I did go through a phase a couple of months back that is repeating itself now that ‘Midnight Memories’ is out. Up until now I’ve mostly listened because the songs are fun and easy to sing along to, but few of the songs on the new album are way more in my wheelhouse than their previous albums. I like that it feels more mature than their last two records, and maybe less pop-y? I tend to shy away from mainstream pop, but I really enjoy how this feels sort of different, and the fact that they band themselves has contributed to writing a majority of the music on this album makes it a lot more enjoyable.

Current Obsessions: “Happily”, “You and I”, “Story of My Life” and “Through the Dark”. Also, funnily enough, despite the fact that I initially didn’t like it very much, “Strong” was stuck in my head on repeat at work today.



I’ve had an on-again-off-again thing with Eminem’s music. Well, that’s inaccurate since I’ve never actually disliked him, but it has been a little hit and miss for me. Rap is not my most listened to music genre, but I started listening to Eminem at school camp when I was 13, so I attribute a lot of my enjoyment to nostalgia. However, I enjoy that he tells stories with his music. I used to listen to “Mockingbird”, “When I’m Gone” and “Cleaning Out My Closet” all the time when I was in high school, and I still know the words to at least the first half of “Just Lose It” off the top of my head. Over the past couple of years I haven’t really been listening to him as much, not until the new album was released and I got a hold of it yesterday. I haven’t had the time to listen through it in its entirety, but I look forward to doing so.

Current Obsessions: “Survival” and “The Monster” – Eminem somehow manages to make me enjoy Rhianna so much more than I normally do.




This is just my kind of music and I love it. I keep telling my friends that she’s my new Lana Del Rey, which is a weird thing to say but the best way I know how to describe it. I heard “Royals” for the first time a while ago (though I can’t pinpoint when and where), and when it exploded recently I got completely hooked. I really enjoy ‘Pure Heroine’, and I hope to hear more from her in the future.

Current Obsessions: “Royals” (obviously), and “Buzzcut Season”.

Other: The Lumineers and Imagine Dragons (I’m getting ready to see them in concert next week!), One Republic’s “Counting Stars”, and some Mikky Ekko.


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