Movie Review: Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect

My New Year’s resolution this year is to update my blog more frequently, so what better way to start than to write about the movie I actually watched on New Year’s Eve? I watched Pitch Perfect the other day and it was aca-dorable.

I didn’t expect a lot as I sat down to watch this movie. The trailer hooked me by appealing to the part of me that loves well composed a-capella music. Also, it had Rebel Wilson, whom I find to be hilarious in everything she does. Still, I don’t think I expected anything more than a generic comedy interspersed with some singing competitions and romance. Which, when it all boils down, is pretty much what it was. Even still, it was a lot more entertaining than most of the romantic comedies I watch these days.

While it was pretty clear how the plot would progress and who would win the competitions, I really did enjoy watching them get into ridiculous fights over what songs to sing. Aubrey I described to my sister as a cross between early season one Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray. I found her antagonism towards Beca entertaining. Beca, who for a while was hard to sympathise with, especially in her interactions with Jesse, had enough character development in the end to make me appreciate her. Also, Anna Kendrick has clearly come a long way since Twilight.

My favourite characters were Chloe, Fat Amy and Jesse. I really enjoyed Brittany Snow as Chloe. Everything was great, from her ‘discovering’ Beca in the shower, to her fighting for Beca’s right to be a part of the Bellas. Fat Amy (or Fat Patricia) was awesome, which I’m pretty sure is down to Rebel Wilson doing her magic with the character. Her deadpan delivery of her comedic lines made me laugh so much, and her adlibs during their competition, much to Aubrey’s horror, was one of the highlights of the movie.

The best part was Jesse and the Breakfast Club throwback. I loved his dorkiness and how straightforward he was with Beca. He was basically just a nice guy throughout the movie, helping Benji achieve his dreams and supporting a reluctant Beca. I’m not always a fan of clichéd endings and romantic declarations, but the way Skylar Astin played his reactions to Beca performing her mash-up of ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’ at the end was so sweet that I don’t even care if I saw it coming. Also, his air punch ala Judd Nelson was just perfect.

As far as comedies go, I really did love this one.



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