Movie Review: Twilight Breaking Dawn Review – A Decent Ending (Glad It’s Over)


It’s been a while since I genuinely felt interested in watching or reading Twilight, so it kind of surprised me when I decided to go see it today. Mostly I did it because my housemate asked me to come with her, and since I both enjoy her company and watching movies on the big screen, I decided I’d go. Despite my reservations I did enjoy myself for the most part, but overall I doubt I will be rewatching it once it comes out on DVD. If I wanted I could probably be super critical here, both about the story in general and the movie itself, but I’ve decided that since it’s over I can actually try to be positive for once (though I will mention my dislikes at the end, fair warning).

So, what was good about the movie?

The Music:

Twilight series has always had a good soundtrack. I didn’t really notice it as much as I have in previous instalments of the series, but I will admit that when the movie opened with an altered version of ‘Bella’s Lullaby’ I thought it was a nice call-back.


I don’t like her character much at all. However, this is probably the best I’ve seen her. Her wardrobe and make up in this movie really did a good job of highlighting her good features, though I will say that her vampire looks only seems to differ from her human looks in that she has shorter dresses and more eye makeup, just saying.


Of the trio, he’s my definite favourite, and I thought this movie served him well. I don’t think Taylor Lautner is the best actor in the world (or in the movie), but he did well with what he was given. I have to give him kudos for making the whole imprinting storyline as bearable and not creepy as possible. I did laugh out loud in a couple of scenes, amongst others when he asks if he’s to call Edward dad.

The Secondary Characters:

Well, maybe not so much the characters as the actors. I loved Lee Pace as Garrett, and Joe Anderson is one of my favourite actors.

The Fight:

I actually did enjoy the fight at the end, mostly because I always hated that the book ended without any action in the story. I must admit that I had my fingers crossed the whole time that the fight actually happened and wasn’t just the vision Alice was sending, but at least it was there. I wouldn’t really have minded if any of those people died (with the exception of Jasper).

The End:

I do actually like the scene in the book where Bella lets Edward see her thoughts, and had it been characters I care about I would have loved it in the movie as well. As it were, I felt like it ended up being just a random reel of all their awkward make out sessions through the series, and therefore kind of boring. What I did like was the way they showed all the prominent characters in the entire series during the credits, and how they flipped to different pages of the novel before showing the main trio. I’m a sucker for the imagery in that, I guess.

The Bad:


Aside from the really weird name, I just didn’t like the way they used CGI to age the child so they could use one actress the entire way through. I do see what they were trying to do, but to be honest it’s not necessary. I think everyone knows that movies require certain extents of disbelief and I would have preferred different actresses.

People Standing Around:

This movie has a big cast, which can be a good thing when they know what to do with them.  I found it distracting how in almost every scene most of the actors on-screen were just standing around watching as one or two of them acted. At least have them do some background interaction. That was just strange.

The rest of my complaints are generally more directed at the acting, so I’ll let them go. As a few final notes I just want to mention that I did find a lot of the intentionally funny scenes to be entertaining, as well as a few of the ones not intended to be. In fact, at one point during the confrontation before the fight I started laughing so hard (albeit quietly) that the girl in front of me turned around to chastise me. That has never happened to me before!

All in all the movie was interesting enough that I didn’t get completely bored sitting through it, but in the end I’m just happy the Twilight hysteria is over. I’d much rather have something else be the new craze.



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