Movie ‘Review’: The Perks of Being a Wallflower


As some of you may have read in my review of the novel, I didn’t love the story. I thought it had great moments that I didn’t necessarily feel meshed together all that well. It tried to do too much, and I never managed to connect like I think I was supposed to with Charlie.

I just got back from watching the movie and I have to say I like the story better in this medium.  A lot of my enjoyment of the film had to do with the way it allowed me as a viewer to experience Charlie’s reactions to things from the outside. Sure, there was the occasional narration that told us how he saw things that more or less spelled out to us the other characters’ history or the events they chose to not have on-screen. For the most part though, we as viewers were allowed to witness Charlie go through his ordeal and struggle and make our own assumptions about what his reactions meant.

I really liked the way Logan Lerman played Charlie, and I had a lot more sympathy for his character when I was watching him act it out on screen. In the book I sometimes felt that certain plot points were there to force me to feel sorry for Charlie just because he went through hard times. The difference in the movie was that when I watched it play out I actually felt sympathetic towards him. It was a refreshing way of experiencing the story, and it is not often that I will say that a movie does it better, but in this case I might. Seeing as the author both wrote and directed the movie as well, this is the only reasonable explanation I can think of for my change in enjoyment.

I also really did like seeing all the other characters come alive on-screen, and the actors did a great job. Certain scenes that I absolutely loved in the book ended up falling a little flat in the movie, though. On example is the scene between Charlie and Patrick in the park. Don’t get me wrong, I thought it was well acted and had no technical problems with it, but I found it easier feel the emotions and turmoil Patrick was going through when I read it.

To end this post I will say that I really enjoyed almost all the acting. I thought Logan Lerman did a great job and made me actually believe that Charlie was a wallflower. Ezra Miller, my personal favourite, was fantastic at balancing the humour with the more heavy and emotional moments, and even Emma Watson, whom I have not always loved as an actress, did a really good job. I did get distracted by her constantly moving eyebrows, though.



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