Skins Review: Mini

This has been an emotional night of television for me. I was not expecting Mini’s instalment of Skins to get to me the way it did, and I was caught off guard by the events of this episode. I was very impressed by the acting in this episode. Mini was possibly my least favourite character for the first few episodes of this generation before I grew to enjoy her throughout series five. Now I will gladly admit that I loved her.

In this episode we learn that Mini, who has maintained a secret relationship with Alo for a while now, is pregnant. We watch as she tries to come to terms with this, as well as deal with her mother’s personal life affecting her living arrangements. In an attempt to escape her mother and her mother’s recently moved in boyfriend, Mini seeks out her estranged father. The two of them connect, but it later turns out he is not father material when he runs away without a word as soon as he learns that she is pregnant and needs help. Left with no options, Mini seeks comfort in Alo, but there’s no comfort to be had. Alo is tired of Mini treating him like dirt and says he isn’t interested in trying anymore. Mini returns home and we last see her when she is visiting the doctor to get her first ultrasound.

Here are some thoughts I had while watching the episode:

– I really loved the reveal of Mini’s pregnancy. I’m constantly impressed by Skins ability to surprise me. I don’t mean to sound big-headed or anything, but I usually see these things coming. Both this week with the pregnancy, and two weeks ago with Alex being gay, I was genuinely surprised when it was revealed. Also, revealing it by having her open the drawer with all the tests was a really nice way of doing it.

– As much as I felt for Mini in this episode, I also felt sorry for Alo. Someone always ends up hurt in relationships where one of the people involved thinks the other is embarrassing to be seen with. It’s especially frustrating when it is obvious that Mini has feelings for Alo as well. The scene where she wakes up on the floor next to him was really nice, and I thought the scene in the barn at the end was justified even though it was tough to watch.

– I actually like that they added a pregnancy storyline. At first I thought they were going to have Mini get an abortion, as they did with Jal in series 2, but ultimately it seemed like she decided to keep it. I don’t know how that will play out, but I like Alo and Mini together.

– My favourite scene of the episode by far was Mini watching her baby for the first time. The emotions running across her face were so captivating.

– The scene where Mini sits in the apartment after her dad has left was in the promo, and it was easy to connect the dots once you realized how little time was left. It was still sad though.

– On the more comedic side of things, I enjoyed Alo sneaking out of detention by getting himself into the bathroom stall next to Mini, a stall that just happened to be occupied.

– There wasn’t much from the other characters in this episode. We see that Mini and Liv continue to be on the outs, thereby making Mini’s friendship with Franky grow stronger. It was nice to see Franky be there for her at the doctor’s appointment. Also, Rich returned to school in a very awkward scene, and I’m sure we’ll see more of what his life has become in future episodes.




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