Skins Review: Rich

The second episode of Skins series 6 was not my favourite. With the exception of the very end of the episode I was mostly bored. I didn’t think the episode did a great job with the ‘hallucinating about someone who is in a coma’ plot, and for most of the episode I was stuck wondering why in the world professor Blood would bother to send Grace to Zürich for treatment if she was well enough to contemplate having sex with Rich in her hospital bed.

So far this season has mostly centred on emotional crisis, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon. It doesn’t help that Grace is my least favourite character, thereby making it difficult for Rich’s performance to resonate emotionally for me. I will say that professor Blood’s breakdown at the end was really emotional. I enjoyed that a character we have known as an evil caricature of a professor finally got some real depth, even if it was for something that didn’t quite resonate with me.

I realise that I’m probably being very unfair to the plot, the character’s emotions and the episode in general by saying the episode is bad mostly because of whom it’s centred around. However, in all honesty I have seen this plot done much better to characters I love, and as a result I find it hard to enjoy this. Hopefully I will enjoy next week’s episode, better. I also hope Matty will not be absent for the entire rest of the series.



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