Hopes for Breaking Bad’s Final Season(s)

Breaking Bad is one of few shows that I can’t seem to find anything wrong with, although in all honesty I have never tried to. Breaking Bad has not once disappointed me and on more than one occasion exceeded my expectations. Now that it’s heading towards its last sixteen episodes I have been thinking about what I want to see before it concludes, and how I would like to see it end. While I enjoy the unpredictability, there are a few loose ends I would like to be tied up.

The first and most important one is Jesse learning the truth. Throughout the show’s run Walter has done some things that either directly or indirectly has affected Jesse, and it’s about time he finds out about it. First there is Walt’s implication in Jane’s death in season 2. In this situation Walter was not intentionally murdering her, but he was responsible for her ending up in the position that made her choke and he didn’t do anything to prevent it when he saw it happen. The other major secret is that he poisoned Brock at the end of season 4. Not only is this a betrayal because he poisoned a young child who basically is Jesse’s step son in order to motivate Jesse to be on his side, but Walter also lied about it and managed to avoid being blamed. The fact that Jesse and Walter ended on good terms last time we saw them will make the reveal of both of these events horrible to watch, but guaranteed compelling storytelling.

All of this ties into my other wish for the last batch of episodes; that Walter gets what’s coming to him. I think Walter White is one of the best characters on television in that I feel invested in his character development despite the fact that he is becoming an increasingly unlikable character. While I felt a lot of sympathy for him in the beginning, he has now truly succumbed to ‘the dark side’, and we see clear differences between him and Jesse in that Walter to some extent enjoys the position he is in while Jesse often times seems to want out. The amount of bad things Walter has put people around him through, especially Jesse, will have to result in some consequences before the show ends. What those will be, I don’t know, but he needs to be taken down a few pegs.

As for how I want the show to end, that’s a harder question and depends a lot on when during those 16 episodes the aforementioned reveals happen. In my opinion it would make sense to have Jesse kill Walter for what he has put him through. That would put a stop to the story since it’s told predominately from Walter’s perspective, and it would make sense for both characters. However, I think there’s an almost equal chance that we get the reverse; that Walter kills Jesse. Walter is not one for accepting defeat and I could see him going to such extreme measures. The only problem with that is that I think Walter has almost come to care about Jesse like a son, or at least as much as Walter is capable of that. By killing Jesse I don’t know what would be left of his humanity.

A different and less violent ending would be to have Hank figure out Walter has been Heisenberg the entire time and arrest him. This is a great deal less climactic, and based on some of the show’s finales, less likely to happen. While I do feel it would be nice to see Hank finally succeed in figuring out the puzzle, and it would embarrass Walter to have been outsmarted, I still think having him go to jail would be unsatisfactory. I would like more closure than that.

When it all comes down to it, Vince Gilligan and the writers will do as they feel is best, and I have no doubts they will do it well. I don’t have half the imagination these people have, or the talent to concoct good storylines, and I’m sure there are a lot more possibilities that I haven’t even thought to consider. No matter how it goes down, I’m sure I will love it when we get there, and I know I will miss the show when it’s finished. Luckily there are still 15 episodes left to enjoy before that last one.



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