The Last Chuck Review: Chuck vs Sarah & Chuck vs the Goodbye

It’s finally time to try to write down everything I loved about the last episodes of Chuck. I can’t promise that this will be a well-structured post; it will probably be a long list of random things I loved about the two last episodes. The truth is that this was an imperfect show with a lot of heart, and I expect this review will be much the same. Let’s get to it.

Chuck vs Sarah:

– First of all, how great is that title? I love how they managed to throw everything in the air by having Sarah forget every memory she had for the past five years. I thought it would be a trick, so her coming back claiming to have killed Quinn almost convinced me.

– I’m not going to lie, watching Casey scrub the floor in his ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ apron was a lovely moment, as was the conversation between him and Morgan about how he’s changed.

– “I’m really glad I’m part of this third last mission. You know, since I wasn’t involved in the other two.” Morgan, being his usual funny self, both pointed out that they are bad at giving up their spy sides and alluded to the fact that this show has had quite a few close calls and had to create more than one series finale worthy season ending.

– The cloak of invisibility joke from Morgan was really funny to me. I am a huge Harry Potter nerd, so getting a shout-out in the final instalment was a nice touch and completely in character for Morgan. I would watch a show with him going on missions in that cloak.

– There were some great call-backs in this penultimate episode, such as the break in to find the intersect being set in the same old hallway, the fighting Sarah did along with her jump through the window being reminiscent of Bryce Larkin, and the intersect white room being blown up again.

– It was wonderful to see the growth Casey has undergone through just a few scenes, and the one where he tells Chuck to be careful because he doesn’t want to lose him too was one of the best. It’s hard to believe Casey once was the guy who was willing to pull the trigger on them both.

– Ellie got what she deserved in the end. Despite being ridiculously underused for much of the show’s run, she god scenes that showed what she was capable of. Her golden moment was when she crashed the car in order to stay true to the real Sarah. It showed not only how far she is willing to go to take care of her brother, but how much she cares about Sarah.

– The scene in their dream house broke my heart. That has to be on of Zachary Levi’s most beautiful acting moments as he pours his heart out as he tells Sarah how much they love each other, showing flashbacks to significant moments in their relationship. I was so ready for Sarah to start remembering in the end, and it was like being punched in the gut when she still maintains that she was acting the whole time. This show has never left me so emotionally wrecked as after this scene. The heartbreak was just as horrible when Sarah realises she has been tricked.

– I love the use of the mission log. It was a nice character moment for both Sarah and Casey when he dropped it off and let her know they became friends because of Chuck. The log in itself was perfect. Not only did it work as a great way for Quinn to turn Sarah against Chuck, but it made for one of the best parts of the episode when we see Sarah document herself falling for Chuck. While the show has made these feelings clear as the progressions seasons progressed, we were very seldom privy to Sarah’s inner thoughts until they got together in season 3. Seeing her admit to herself how she feels about things we’ve only gotten Chuck’s side of was a wonderful moment in the show.

– As if it wasn’t emotional enough in the scene in the house, the ending shot of Sarah telling Chuck she doesn’t feel anything anymore was horrible. Horrible in the best possible way. I was once again almost fooled into believing she would come back to him, and was wrecked when she said she believed him but didn’t feel it. You feel heart-broken for Chuck of course, but also for Sarah who has had her entire life taken away from her. At this point I had no idea how they would resolve everything, and almost thought we wouldn’t get a happy ending. Thankfully I was wrong about that.

Chuck vs the Goodbye:

– All the call-backs in this episode were great. It was nice to be taken on a trip down memory lane in such a fun way. Every mention of the ring and fulcrum, Sarah at the Nerd Herd desk, the Berlin restaurants being copies of the Mexican restaurant where Chuck and Sarah had their first date, as well as the Wienerlicious. Not to mention the Irina Modova virus once again saving the day. All were reminders of the wonderful and perhaps simpler time of the pilot.

– Watching everyone in Chuck’s room trying to get him to see reason and get Sarah back seemed like something you would see in older episodes, and it was a nice lighter moment in the episode. I especially loved Morgan lying in bed next to Chuck as he wakes up, and Awesome’s line “you’re one sit up closer to getting the girl back”.

– I found it hilarious that Morgan’s kiss theory was a result of him watching Disney princess movies with Clara. Not only did it set up a fantastic ending, but I got a kick out of thinking about Morgan watching princess movies.

– Jeff and Lester, characters I have had my ups and downs with based on how they’ve been integrated, were phenomenal in this episode. I loved how Chuck and Morgan recruited them in order to find Sarah, and how that led to ‘the perverts’ being allowed to talk for the first time on this show. Also, the astonished expression on Chuck’s face as he watches Jeff and Lester do their thing amused me to no end.

– Morgan and Sarah have not had too many emotional moments together, but I loved what we got here. While everyone wanted to help Sarah get back her memory and love for Chuck, Morgan’s speech to her was the most touching. Morgan telling her she was the only one he would let take his place in Chuck’s life was so touching.

– It was a nice touch to have the talks between Morgan and Casey overlap with the talks between Chuck and Sarah. Sarah might have been the one with no memory, but her regression made Casey pull away as well and no one other than Morgan could have a better incentive to call him out on it. Joshua Gomez delivered his lines so well, and I love how much their mutual respect has evolved. My favourite line was Morgan telling Casey “you’re afraid that when you’re with us, that’s when you’re the best”, and how Casey takes it to heart and realises he is not that cold-blooded person anymore.

– Mama Bartowski was one of the funniest parts of the episode, and I loved the brilliant scene of Awesome covering baby Clara’s eyes when Mary is holding a gun in front of her.

–  It seemed inevitable to have a Jeffster performance before the show ended, and I loved how they got a chance to save the day. Unlike the season 2 finale, this time their performance worked and kept the bomb from going off. In many ways it took until this scene for me to fully grasp the fact that the show was ending. There was something about the big musical number combined with a call back to Chuck’s fist success as the intersect that made the show come full circle for me. Also, I loved that they performed A-ha’s Take on Me.

– Chuck uploading the intersect was not my favourite part to be honest. I wanted the intersect gone forever. However, I’m fine with it because he did it for the greater good, despite the fact that not doing it would let him have Sarah back. Also, I’m glad it didn’t end with the glasses restoring Sarah’s memories, so it was for the best. We also get the feeling that this time it doesn’t mean he’s stuck with the spy life, and that’s a big part of why I’m not so bothered.

– “If you ever want to save the world again, you know where I am”. It was the perfect ending for team Bartowski and General Beckman. And it was followed by the wonderful moment that was Casey hugging Chuck.

– A happy ending was expected, but I still enjoyed it. It was fun to see Jeffster getting a record deal in Germany, and I’m sure they will have some marvellous adventures there, being loved by both women…and men? as Jeff says. Big Mike got his Subway provider even closer, and it gave some recognition to the big part Subway has played in keeping the show alive. Also, it was nice to see Ellie and Awesome take another step towards their future by moving to Chicago for work.

– And then there was the beach scene. There are so many great things about these last five minutes that I’m sure I won’t do them justice. Where do I start to explain what I loved about this scene? First of all, I loved the parallel to the pilot. Back then Sarah vowed to be there for Chuck to connect him to the spy world. This time Chuck is there asking Sarah to trust him to make things ok for her, and to help her re-enter her life. I loved how Sarah realises she wants that too, and by saying “tell me our story” she sets off a beautiful montage of their past together as Chuck tells her the story of how they met. Lastly, all the talk of that one magic kiss is brought up by Chuck. What makes this work so well is that it’s Sarah asking him to kiss her. By doing so she lets Chuck know that even if it might not work, she wants to remember and she wants to be with him. The fact that it ends before we find out was perfect to me. I like open endings and ambiguity, and the way I see it either outcome is a happy ending. If she remembers, then they go back to their happy life together. Realistically though, the kiss will not magically fix everything and they will be forced to start anew. I prefer this ending, and I think there’s something wonderful in imagining them starting over again and Sarah rediscovering everything she loves about Chuck. We know from several scenes that she is slowly starting to remember, and there’s a beauty in this that would have been lost had the show ended with Sarah remembering.

It’s been a great run and I couldn’t have asked for a better ending.




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  1. Trish says:

    I am very upset. This was my favorite show. Did not like the Series Finale. My husband and I watched the show every week. I hate that the show is over. And will never watch NBC agian

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