A Final Goodbye To Chuck

When the final episode of Chuck ended last night, my first thought was ‘that was perfect’. After investing so much time into the lives of these characters and their stories I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the series. Chuck has not had the easiest life, constantly on the brink of cancellation but always pulling through. Low ratings frequently hinting at the show ending, multiple season finales masking as potential series finales and excessive product placement have all become very familiar to fans of the show, and the devotion of the little group of people who have stuck with it is what has made it hold on for five seasons.

What makes Chuck a show people fall in love with is its characters more than its story. The plot peaked at the end of season 2 in my opinion, and although it has had some brilliant episodes throughout the series run, there have been plot holes that required extreme suspension of disbelief. However, that has not at all taken away from my enjoyment of the show. I believe that people who have stuck with this show has done so for Sarah and Chuck’s relationship, for Morgan and Chuck’s friendship, for Casey and Morgan’s comedic cohabitation, for the Buymorians and every other character driven aspect of the show. At least that’s what made me tune in one a weekly basis. That is what the writing does best. I love how they have handled Chuck and Sarah’s relationship, and I never felt that they dragged it out unnecessarily. They figured out which characters created the best comedic moments, my favourite being Casey and Morgan, and how to keep the characters ridiculousness grounded in emotional connections to each other. Even the ancillary characters that were in many ways short-changed in the beginning were eventually integrated to the story in a good way, and got to have their happy ending. When I think about this show ending, I won’t miss the intersect, the action, Chuck-Fu or the adventures of Buy More as much as I will miss the characters themselves. I believe that the ending stayed true to the characters development through the seasons.

To avoid making this post too long I will write a new post later today where I go through everything that was great about the finale. Here I will finish by mentioning that I thought the ending was the perfect way to go. It managed to take us on a trip down memory lane, it had some of the most emotional moments in the show’s history, and it managed to blend that well with the show’s trademark comedy. Ending with Chuck and Sarah on the beach, this time with Chuck telling Sarah things will be ok and setting up that Chuck will be the one to connect her to this new world, just as she did for him in the beginning, was perfect. I was so thankful that the ending didn’t bring a perfect fix to Sarah’s memory loss. Even if it would have made for a good moment when Sarah remembered, it would have felt contrived. In this way we see Sarah realise she wants to remember, and that even if the kiss doesn’t end up working they will be able to relive the time when they fell in love all over again, something which is just as good in my opinion.

It was Chuck’s time to go, but it was a great show that I will miss very much. All I can do is be happy that it got the time it did.



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