Sherlock: The Hounds of Baskerville

As promised, I’m continuing my Sherlock series 2 reviews with ‘The Hounds of Baskerville’. Like in series one, the second episode of series was the weakest. That being said, I found the second episode of series two to be much better than the second episode of series one. Let’s discuss some of the highlights of this episode.

  • The best part of this episode was how it managed to scare me even though I was one hundred percent sure there was no ghost dog. This is not a show I expect to go down the supernatural road, and therefore I was wondering how they would make me believe the story. As it turns out, imaginary evils are much scarier than ‘real’ ones, and I regretted watching it with my lights off when I reached the halfway point of the episode.
  • I absolutely loved both versions of John being freaked out by the dog, but for different reasons. The first one really freaked me out, and I thought Martin Freeman acted the hell out of it. The second time made me go into a fit of laughter, watching as Sherlock sat there watching John hallucinate, playing barking noises over the intercom.
  • All of the hallucination scenes were really creepy to watch, and it was very hard to actually understand what was happening. I enjoy it when I don’t have a clue what is going on.
  • I found it hilarious that Sherlock hadn’t even managed to learn that Lestrade’s first name was Greg, and the scene when he shows up made me laugh.
  • This episode did well in showing how much Sherlock actually cares for John despite how he acts. Listening to him joke in order to lighten the mood, and trying to apologize for being rude was really nice.
  • I also found the sudden importance of Bluebell, the glow in the dark bunny, to be really funny. I think it’s great when one of those seemingly ridiculous small mentions turn out to be important for the episode.
  • Also worth mentioning is the opening scene of Sherlock walking in covered in blood, explaining that he had to take the tube because the cabs wouldn’t take him.
  • Lastly, I loved how they introduced plot in the series finale by having Mycroft let Moriarty out at the end of this episode. The image of his cell covered in Sherlock’s name was eerie and promised a lot of great things to come in the last instalment of the series.




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