Chuck: Season 5 So Far

This weekend I have finally managed to catch up on the fifth season of Chuck. Because of exams and computer issues I was unable to watch the episodes as they aired, and therefore fell behind after just two episodes. When I got my computer back over the holidays I prioritised catching up on other shows, because to be honest I was a little bit disappointed with the start of the season. Now that I’m caught up I have rediscovered how much I love the characters, and how that makes up for all the slightly subpar plots this season. This post will not be a full review, but I will mention some of the things I have enjoyed about the first ten episodes of Chuck’s final season:

  • I was not thrilled about Morgan becoming the new intersect in the season 4 finale, so I was happy to see that storyline wrapped up fairly quickly. It was fun to see him try to rediscover how nerdy he is in the following episodes, as well as watching Casey try to ruin it for him. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan, but I’ve heard more than once that Phantom Menace is the worst movie.
  • Throughout most of the episodes I thought Sarah was being underutilised, but that was made up for in the episode Chuck versus the Baby. Sarah is most fun to watch when she goes into fight mode, and watching her in her old days when she was fearless is still a lot of fun. The scene where she takes down the bad guys at the dinner table was amazing.
  • I actually like the idea of Chuck wanting to specialize in tech and computers rather than spying. Watching him do his thing in Chuck versus the Hack Off was a rare moment of Chuck really being in his element, and although I’m sure we won’t see much of it, I would be happy if his future turned out like that. Also, Sarah’s idea of combining it with her spy skills was a nice touch.
  • I was actually happy to see the intersect out of the mix for a while. When Shaw returned and got his brain expunged of the intersect I was actually content to think that it was over and done with. However, letting Sarah have it felt completely right. When she flashed and took down the enemies I was left with the feeling that she was the one who was supposed to have had it all along.
  • The flashback to Morgan as a douche in Chuck versus Bo was a lot of fun, as was all the reactions to Bo Derek. I think it was wise to limit Morgan’s actual time of being an ass, but using his lapse in memory like that was a nice touch.
  • Ellie and Awesome have been integrated really well this season compared to earlier ones. We finally see them be a part of Chuck’s world and not be kept in the dark. Seeing them pretend to be spies together and role-playing in Castle have been some of the funniest moments.
  • Just like Ellie and Awesome, Jeff and Lester have finally made more sense to me. The Buy More has had no reason to be around in the past few seasons, but has stayed for the sake of product placement. Jeff and Lester, while entertaining, have thus seemed a little unnecessary. Revealing that Jeff has been brain-damaged rather than a slob was one of the smartest things to do, making him come back with skills of deduction that Sherlock might actually condone. Watching as Jeff makes Lester a slightly better person, as well as works it out when they are drugged multiple times was great comic relief.
  • I do feel like the show will end with Sarah pregnant or at least with the couple ready to start a family. I wouldn’t mind that. With that as well as Morgan and Alex getting back together and Casey starting something up with Gertrude, I’m expecting the ending to be a very happy one. That is, if Sarah doesn’t get permanently damaged by the intersect.
  • I loved how they had Danny Pudi play the fake replacement of Lester, as well as the cameo by Yvette Nicole Brown.
  • Lester in a women’s outfit while undercover: scary but so hilarious. I love that he wanted to keep the heels because they were comfortable to walk in.




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