Music Recommendation: Foxes

This evening I was once again spending time reading blogs, and when I was looking around at You, Me & Charlie I came across a post discussing the singer Foxes. I might have mentioned before that I am bad at discovering new music, and therefore appreciate when I can find blogs like that one to broaden my iTunes library one artist at a time. I really enjoy Foxes’ song ‘Youth’. Much like when I listen to Fun’s ‘We Are Young’ I get the sense of being exactly that – young – and how so many things change as we grow up. That might not be what the message of the song is intended to be, but for me it reminds me to spend the time I have well.

I am not good at expressing my enjoyment of the technical side of music, but I will say that the vocals are excellent, and the use of drums as the song progresses and gets more and more intense is a really nice touch. Foxes, also known as Loui Rose Allen, is definitely someone I will keep an eye out for in the future.


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  1. I absolutely love this song. Stumbled upon it on youtube as Ive never seen an episode of Gossip Girl. Going to feature it in the music section of my blog. Nice blog by the way.

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