Sherlock Series 1 Review

Sherlock is a show I have been planning to watch for a few months. The other day I was able to borrow it on DVD from my friend and finally got to sit down to watch the tree episodes of series 1. I have never felt any major interest in Sherlock Holmes. The Robert Downey Jr. movie wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t my thing. However, within the first ten minutes of this show I had completely changed my mind on the detective, and now I can’t wait for series 2 in January.

The actors are fantastic. I especially love Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock. I completely believe that he is both mad and insanely intelligent, and I love his quirks and ways of dealing with things. It really comes across how much his actions are driven by curiosity rather than a need to enforce justice and that is what makes the show much better than many other crime shows.

Martin Freeman is no worse. He plays a much more normal and quiet role, but I love that he has is an adrenaline junkie after having been sent home from the army. He is the perfect foil to Sherlock’s madness, and the two of them make up a great team, even though it is more likely to land them in trouble rather than help them at times.

Aside from the acting I love that the show is set in present day London. There’s a charm in having it in the canon era, but integrating the plot into the technology savvy world of present day England gives it a new edge that the movies lack. Also, as a person who loves London, it’s nice to see the city be such an integral part of the show.

The scenes where Sherlock uses his powers of deduction are shot really well. I’ve seen both pilots, and I much prefer the one where they use text and flashbacks in order to make Sherlock’s explanations clearer while at the same time very fast paced. The use of text on the screen when they get text messages also lets the show move faster without the need for screenshots of phones to stop the flow of the story.

I am looking forward to watching the new series in January, because for once there’s a crime show that I really want to watch for both the investigations and the characters. That’s a nice change of pace.



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  1. verityjes says:

    The second episode is a bit draggy and boring for me, but the other two are excellent. I love the chemistry between Cumberbatch and Freeman, Robert Downey and Jude Law in the film sounds too clever, clever banter at times.

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