Hopes for The Hunger Games Movie Adaptation

After the trailer was released it has become a lot harder to wait for the movie adaptation of the Hunger Games, out March 23. I usually only look forward to movies in this way when they are adaptations of the books I love, and a lot of the time they disappoint. I have sat through every Harry Potter movie, and although I like or love most of them, I have been annoyed many a time by what they have cut or how it has been adapted. When I saw the Golden Compass, the adaptation of Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights, I was really annoyed by how much they changed it, so much so that I don’t really care that they didn’t finish the trilogy. Based on the trailer, Hunger Games will be one of the better book to screen adaptations so far, and I wanted to mention some scenes I want them to do right to make it the best movie it could be.

The Reaping:

From what I saw in the trailer, this scene has been done very well. I think it’s important that they really capture Katniss’ desperation and fear despite her brave face. From the short clips in the trailer it seems Jennifer Lawrence manages that really well. I also want it to be true to Peeta’s character, that we can see the fear that Katniss thinks he’s feeling in the book.

The Boy with the Bread:

I don’t want the movie to become all about the love story, so I want them to be able to show how important this was to the Everdeen family’s survival rather than Peeta and Katniss’ relationship. I think it’s an important scene to fully understand both Peeta and Katniss’ backgrounds and characters.

Girl on Fire:

It’s an obvious one, as it is one of the big moments of the book. I want it to look as good as it was exciting to read it, and I want it to really make them stand out. It’s an important moment because it marks the start of their strategy to stand together in the fight, and it shows Cinna’s commitment to their survival and to helping them stand out. Like the trailer said, he helps her make an impression.

The Interviews:

More than anything, it is important that they get the end bit with Peeta right. I know I’m repeating myself, but I don’t want it to be a movie about the love story or the love triangle that is arguably there. I hope this scene is able to show that what Peeta is doing is to create an image that will ensure their sponsors and survival, whilst still hinting that it might be more than that for him. It relies a lot on how they portray Katniss in the aftermath, and I hope they don’t make her react any different than she did in the book.

Peeta and Katniss on the Roof:

This one was also teased in the trailer, the only one that actually gave us some dialogue from Peeta. I think this is an important scene not only for the Hunger Games, but for the entire trilogy. Peeta declaring that he wants to remain himself despite what happens in there and not let the games change him is what makes Katniss eventually choose to do the same, and not doing this scene justice would be a shame. This is another scene that is vital in order to understand Peeta’s character. Josh Hutcherson did a great job with what we saw in the trailer, and I hope that the entire conversation comes across as well as the two sentences we heard there.

Rue’s Death: 

To be completely honest, I was not that affected by the death of Rue. I thought it was really sad and shocking, but I did not start crying or have to put down the book. That being said, I think this scene is important just because Rue serves as an important parallel to Prim and her death affects Katniss a lot. It is also the push she needs to be able to go against the Capitol and fight the games on her own terms. I think the clip from the trailer where she kisses her fingers and holds them to the cameras is after the death when she receives the bread, and it looks like it will be great.

Thresh’ Rescue:

I am not entirely sure why I have this on my list, but I do feel like it should be represented in the movie. When he saves her it’s because of how Katniss treated Rue, and it gives us an early sign of solidarity between two districts as well as between two tributes. It helps the other districts who are watching realise that there is hope for support, and it also serves as another middle finger to the Capitol.

The Berry Scene:

If this scene is not in the movie, I will be very angry. It is probably among the most important scenes in the trilogy because it cements Katniss’ role as the rebel, and is the slap in the face to the Capitol that sets off all the events that will take place in the remainder of the story. It is also an important moment for both Katniss and Peeta’s characters, not being able to kill the other or let the other kill themselves to save the other. It shows a loyalty that took some time to develop, and that they now share an understanding that only two people locked in an arena to fight to the death together would be able to.

Return to District 12:

I am not sure how they will end the movie, but I hope that they don’t play it safe and go with the ending of the book. I like open endings either way, and I think that leaving off just as Peeta finds out Katniss was playing up their relationship for the cameras as advised by Haymitch will work as a good ending but an even greater teaser for the sequel. It is a heart-breaking scene to read, and it was a great way to get me to continue reading Catching Fire. I just hope that Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson are able to convey all the feelings going through Katniss and Peeta’s heads.

Those are the scenes I really want to be done to perfection in the movie; the ones that I probably would pick as some of my favourite moments from the book as well. As I have mentioned more than once, I want this movie to avoid the Twilight-route of relying on the love triangle (that I don’t even think is there, at least not in the first novel). I want it to focus on Katniss’ motivations and drive while in the game, which includes her family’s safety as well as Gale’s and eventually Peeta’s. I do like the relationship that develops between Peeta and Katniss, and it would be wrong to cut it out. I just want the promotion of the franchise to be about more than that, and luckily so far it seems like it will be.

I did not mention anything about Gale, other than that he is an important part of making the reaping scene work well. It’s hard to feel invested in his story in the first book. He’s barely present in it, other than when Katniss thinks about him. I believe it will be interesting to see his reactions as he is watching the games, but his time to shine will be in Catching Fire and Mockingjay.

I am really looking forward to March 23, and I have complete faith that the actors will do a great job.



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  1. tina says:

    found this post through tumblr and i completely agree. i’m really excited to see how they’ll do peeta’s interview (and throughout the movie convince us that his feelings for katniss are genuine, not for show) as well the berry scene. also, a return-to-district-twelve cliffhanger at the end would be fantastic!

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