Vampire Diaries Review: Homecoming

As the title suggests, it is time for Homecoming in Mystic Falls. At the same time the trio along with Rebekah and Mikael are coming up with a plan to deal with Klaus. Stefan calls him after they temporarily kill Mikael (with his consent) and Rebekah confirms it is true. We learn that their plan is to bring Klaus back for the Homecoming dance in the belief that his father is dead, and to bring him unknowingly to Mikael to be killed. We also learn that Damon has a contingency plan should things go wrong because of Stefan’s compulsion.

When time comes for the party, it is relocated to the Lockwood mansion after the school is flooded. It is quickly revealed that it is Klaus who is behind this relocation, having made the dance into a wake for Mikael’s death and surrounded it by hybrids. At the Salvatore house, Elena stakes Rebekah to ensure she doesn’t double cross them, and we see what we believe to be her go to the party with Matt. Stefan approaches Klaus at the party to say that Mikael is at their house, but Klaus demands that he brings him to the Lockwood house instead. At the same time, he warns Tyler that he has surrounded the house with hybrids and tells him to warn his friends. Tyler’s response is to drug Caroline and ask Matt to bring her to safety.

When their plan is forced to change, Damon takes Mikael’s weapon and goes to the Lockwood’s. Here Klaus finds out that Mikael is still alive, and they confront each other. Klaus makes it clear that the hybrids will attack Mikael, but Mikael retorts and says that he can still compel their vampire side. He furthers his offence by dragging what we think is Elena to his side, threatening to kill her and remove Klaus’ ability to make more hybrids. Klaus doesn’t budge, so Mikael kills her just as Damon attacks Klaus. Katherine stands up, revealing it was her all along and that she was Damon’s contingency plan. Just as Damon goes to kill Klaus, Stefan shows up and pushes him away. Klaus takes advantage of this diversion and stakes Mikael, thereby killing him and destroying the weapon. As promised earlier in the episode, he then removes his compulsion on Stefan, freeing him from his control.

Damon is wrecked after their plan goes to pieces, and Elena comforts him by saying they need to let Stefan go now, there’s no more hope for him. At the same time we see that Katherine has gone away with Stefan, and by filling in some blanks we learn that Klaus told her that he had a contingency plan of his own; should Damon kill him, his hybrids would kill Damon. Katherine convinces Stefan to care enough to save Damon. The episode ends with Katherine telling Stefan to get angry, and the last shot is of Stefan having stolen the coffins containing Klaus’ family, promising to take revenge for everything he did to him.

There’s also a confrontation between Tyler and Caroline, where Tyler tries to explain that he has it better now that he is no longer under the moon’s control. Caroline is not able to accept that her boyfriend can turn against her and her friends if Klaus says so, and they end up splitting up.

My thoughts on the episode:

I loved it. There were so many good scenes, a lot of plot and character developments and unexpected twists around every corner. I loved how the writers made me love the trio working together in the beginning, made me hate Stefan for ruining the plan and then love him for ending the episode the way he did. I’m still not convinced that he did what he did completely for Damon, but either way I’m sure that it played a big part in his decision.

I thought it was a great way to get rid of at least one of the big bads, and all things considered I do think it makes more sense to keep Klaus around instead of Mikael. It was a nice touch to show that Klaus was completely willing to let his hybrids die now that he had the resurrection of his family within his grasp. That was given so much more power when Stefan took away that possibility from him in the end.

I actually didn’t expect it to be Katherine standing there until she was being threatened by Mikael, and I liked that plan was kept quiet even from Mikael, only discussed between Damon and Elena. It made me appreciate that we never learned what happened to Katherine a couple of episodes ago. I liked the part she played in saving Damon, but I don’t see what her motives are for making him angry with Klaus. Then again, I never know what goes on in her head, and that’s what makes it fun.

I thought it was sad that Tyler and Caroline’s relationship was ended so fast. I was hoping they would be allowed to be happy for a little bit longer, but that’s not really how it works on the Vampire Diaries. Her rejection, much like Elena’s backstabbing (literally) of Rebekah, only did its part in pushing them closer to Klaus and will come back to bite them in the future.

I absolutely loved the last scene between Damon and Elena. It was once again not so much because of their relationship (which is definitely progressing), but because of Damon hurting because he thinks he’s really lost his brother at this point. I enjoyed that Elena was the one to say that they need to move on, both of them, and I’m even more relieved that they didn’t kiss in that scene. Like I’ve said way too many times, I love how they are handling their dynamic this season.



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