Vampire Diaries Review: Ordinary People

When I was at school today I spent my time between lectures dotting down a few notes on the episode that I wanted to include in my review, and because I’m cool like that my review will essentially be a rewrite of those notes this week. Let’s see what made ‘Ordinary People’ one of the best episodes so far this season:

Flash (way) back:

First of all, I love that we get a flashback to the old times. Not only were the costumes great, I also really liked that we got some much needed back story. I had suspected that Mikael was the originals’ father and was happy when Damon confirmed that theory. More importantly, I thought it was great to see how turbulent Mikael and Niklaus’ relationship was even before turning into vampires, and I wonder how much of it was because Mikael suspected he wasn’t his son, or if there were other reasons behind his treatment of Klaus. Anyway, we also find out that they escaped the plague and went to the new world, only to live side by side with the werewolves. While they lived in peace for a long time, Klaus and his little brother, Henrik, went to see the wolves one night and Henrik was killed. This resulted in conflict with the wolves, and as a way to protect themselves, Ethel, their mother who also happened to be the original witch, put a spell on her family, making them vampires who were stronger than the wolves. With his first kill (that we know of) Klaus triggers his wolf side, and kills his mother. Her witch servant binds his wolf side, but he tells Rebekah it was Mikael who killed their mother and the two of them, along with Elijah, swear to stick together.

I thought it was a nice way to tell us a lot while also raising so many more questions. It’s still not clear how much Klaus did to provoke the wolves, or why Mikael is eating vampire blood. It was nice to see Daniel Gilles and his much talked about hair back on screen, but we have yet to find out how he came to part ways with Klaus and Rebekah. I look forward to finding out more about that, as well as the original witch. For now I’ll appreciate the story of how vampires were created, because I think Vampire Diaries is the only vampire show I’ve seen that has explained that.

Elena and Rebekah:

It was nice that it was Rebekah telling the story. It made it clear that she told what had really happened, while still keeping the things Klaus had told her ambiguous enough to keep us wondering if he was really telling the truth. By the end of their talk I felt really sorry for her, especially when she learned that the brother she so blindly trusted had lied to her for so many years. I also thought that Rebekah and Elena would be good as friends. They are a lot alike, as Elena alludes to at the end of the episode, and I don’t think Rebekah is very evil. I’m not as convinced as Elena is that she is on their side now, but I do think she’s coming around, and that she’s at least starting to turn against Klaus.

Damon and Stefan:

I really liked that we got some brotherly bonding, even if it involved a lot of wrist cutting and blood consumption. At first I thought Damon let Stefan go because Stefan had given up so completely that Damon chose to do so too. However, I like that he was playing an angle, trying to get Stefan to choose either extreme. It is true that right now he is free of his emotions, but still under Klaus’ control. I liked when Damon commented ‘who am I to talk’, and I sense that he is having some trouble coming to terms with his new position as ‘the good guy’. In the end, after Mikael turns up, dressed really well I might add, and threatens to kill Damon, Stefan agrees to summon Klaus and let Mikael have him. It is later revealed that Stefan does want to free himself of Klaus, but not of his inability to care. I actually like this progression. It will possibly let him get out of Klaus’ grasp while still remaining interesting by working his own angle, much like season 1 Damon. It’s like Damon said, he’s still a jerk but he’s a jerk who is on their side.

Elena and Damon:

I’m sure I have said it before, but I really love how they are handling this relationship this season. I loved how this episode continued to develop their friendship rather than rushing into a romance. That being said, there has definitely been some progression, because I’m sure season 2 Elena would never have let Damon sleep in her bed. However, what was so nice about this scene was that it really showed how much she trusts Damon and that she is starting to realize that Stefan is no longer a part of her life. I thought it was really sweet when she told Damon that Stefan will ultimately come back because he loves his brother, not her. To have them kiss at the end of that scene would have cheapened it, so having Elena fall asleep while Damon was contemplating what she had just said was a nice way to close off the episode.



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