Chuck Review: Chuck vs the Zoom

After a very long summer break, Chuck returned with the first episode of its last season, Chuck vs the Zoom. In true Chuck fashion, it starts off with Chuck and Sarah having a little bit of trouble being held at gun point by  Mark Hamill, forced to depend on Morgan being able to zoom and rescue them. This part of the episode is over fairly quickly, though, and the mission that keeps Carmichael Industries busy for most of the 40 minutes is a client who wants them to take down a man named Roger Bale and take back the money he stole from people. Of course, as is to be expected, Morgan still has some kinks to be worked out with the intersect, so everything goes wrong initially. In the end Chuck manages to save the day without the intersect, proving himself worthy as their leader.

The B plot of the episode is ‘operation: toes in the sand’, which according to Morgan makes a much better acronym. Chuck, with assistance from Morgan, is looking for the perfect house for Sarah. However, he is not able to keep it hidden from her for long as she uses her female ways to force it out of him. It ends well however, because it results in Sarah telling Chuck exactly what kind of home she wants to live in, picket fence and all. Unfortunately their latest mission leads to their accounts being frozen by the CIA, and they are not able to buy it.

Last we have the minor presence of the Buy More, mostly for comic relief and in order to leave Chuck something to fall back on financially when their assets are frozen at the end of the episode. In this plotline we see Lester trying to exploit people’s compassion in fooling them into thinking that Jeff got trampled at the release of the new Justin Bieber talking doll, and now can’t walk. Morgan and Chuck soon put a stop to this, and all is well.

My favourite bits:

– Morgan’s reference to baseball, seeing how there was a possibility they would have to delay airing this episode due to the World Series. Either it was very well planned or it was a very lucky coincidence. No matter what, it made for a very funny moment, made funnier because it was coupled with the ‘premature zooming’ bit.

– The Justin Bieber reference. It’s so blatantly obvious that he has become a phenomenon, and as much as I find it unbelievable that he continues to be a twitter trending topic, there’s no denying he is everywhere. I liked that they referenced him in connection with Jeff’s ‘injury’.

– I found Casey to be one of the funniest parts of this episode. Everything from the ‘I will have it known that I took down 6 people in there’ comment when he is captured, to his willingness to go with Morgan’s new intersect name, zoom. However, my favourite of the episode was his reaction once he found out that their mark had stolen from Rush Limbaugh.

– The last thing I want to mention that I found funny was probably not intended to be, but I still laughed. I’m sorry to say it, but the stunt double when Morgan is doing his first intersect fight in the beginning of the episode so doesn’t look like Josh Gomez, and I found it hilarious to watch as they switched between what was clearly two different people. It didn’t ruin the scene; it just made it more comical.

To wrap up here, I have to say that it was an ok season starter. I didn’t love it, but saw enough of the things I love about Chuck, both character and show as a whole, to want to continue watching. I thought the acting was good, and I was more or less ok with Morgan as the intersect by the end of the episode. I like operation T.I.T.S, and hope they manage to wrap that up nicely by series end. As the show continues I am curious to find out what the CIA wants with Chuck, and I hope we get a great storyline with that as well this season. It is the last one, and I hope it goes out on a high note when it ends.

To end things, here is some of my favourite dialogue from the episode:

Sarah: The guy took money from teachers unions!
Carmichael Industries’ Client: He stole two million from Rush Limbaugh!
Casey: Tell me everything you know about this animal!

Morgan: Operation toes in the sand: Actually it makes a better acronym.

Morgan: It’s an acronym! Don’t you see the dots?!?!

Morgan: They wouldn’t! They


couldn’t! What am I talking about, it’s Jeff and Lester, of course it’s a scam.


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