Vampire Diaries Review: Ghost World

In Ghost World we see the return of several familiar faces, some of them good, some bad, but all more or less unwelcome. I don’t quite know how to write this review, because all the plotlines were so intertwined, but I’ll do my best.

The episode opens up where the previous one ended, with Damon being attacked by what appears to be the ghost of Mason, something he only guesses since he can’t actually see him at this point in the episode. Bonnie is having trouble not knowing how much time Jeremy is spending with Anna, and does a spell to make all the ghosts in the town visible and corporeal, only to find out there are more than they expected, including her grandmother, Lexie and the tomb vampires. I will cover those as I go along, but first of all I’ll finish up with Bonnie.

It soon becomes apparent that they need to get rid of the ghosts, both because Jeremy is falling back in love with Anna and spending time making out with her in the bathroom only to be caught by an angry (and might I add slightly hypocritical) Elena, and because the tomb vampires are having a field day at the founders event. Bonnie is angry when she finds out about Jeremy, and with the help of Caroline they try to track down Elena’s necklace in Damon’s room, only to have it revealed that Anna had it all along because she was stalling until she could find her mother. Caroline gets caught up trying to save Tyler’s mom from the tomb vampires, who after having abandoned the celebration massacre has turned to hunting down the escapees, and fights all the way until Bonnie manages to destroy the locket (which mysteriously reappears at the end).

Jeremy is very much the centre of this episode, with his relationships being in focus. I really felt sorry for him and sympathized with him as he got closer and closer to Anna, and was mad at Elena for being so judgemental when she found out. Yes, I think it’s nice that she stands up for her friend, and yes I do feel sorry for Bonnie in all of this, but it’s not as if Jeremy went off and met someone new. Anna was arguably the one he cared most about of his 3 girlfriends, and I do feel that it’s only natural that those feelings didn’t completely go away when she was killed. I do understand why Bonnie’s hurt, but I also hope she understands the situation soon. Also, while I think Elena was right in saying he shouldn’t spend his life loving a ghost, most of that scene I spent thinking that she should take her own advice (and she sort of did in the end, I guess).

Speaking of Elena, she is still not giving up on Stefan (much to my frustration). When Lexie suddenly turns up, she and Elena lock Stefan up to try to get his humanity back by making him hallucinate and torture him. I am completely clueless to what went on in that basement and what Lexie intended to happen. I also thought that only originals could compel, so what was that hallucination plot all about? Was it some sort of ghost power she had acquired on the other side? We are left with Elena having to maintain the ‘detox’, and a promise that she won’t wait around forever as she leaves him in his cell.

Last we have Damon who is paid a visit by Mason Lockwood. After a short round of torture of the physical kind, and an even shorter of the mental kind (being forced to apologize), it turns out Mason is not there to kill Damon, but to help them find a weapon to kill Klaus in order to protect Tyler. They go together down into some tunnels to find whatever Mason is looking for, and apart from a little mishap with a few stakes dipped in vervain, it is made clear that he is there to help. They arrive at the end of the tunnel, but somehow Damon can’t enter and just then Mason is sent back to the other side. Alaric is called, and the boys seem to make up (the ‘I didn’t mean it with him’ line made me laugh out loud). We are left at the end with Alaric going in to find a bunch of runes on the wall, with no clue what they mean.

All in all, a solid episode. I liked that it told a cohesive story with all the characters, and although I missed Katherine and Tyler, I think it was good that they weren’t just there to be there (although having Caroline acknowledge that fact might have been nice). I think it was nice to have an entire episode away from the tension between Elena and Damon too. I do like those scenes, but I have a feeling that the show doesn’t want to go there yet, so it might as well not force in any scenes just to please fans. Although I wasn’t really that impressed by the ghosts overall, it moved the plot along with Mason. And while I didn’t completely understand it, it probably did with Lexie too.

In the future I hope they will let Elena be angry at Stefan, because frankly I’m tired of watching her put everything aside to help him when he’s treating her like crap. I understand her wanting to save him, but at some point she has to have had enough, and I like Stefan this way, so part of me doesn’t want him to turn back anytime soon. I guess time will tell.



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  1. MalwareDie says:

    Damon explicitly said that he was compelling Rose’s dream before he ended her life. Before that moment, it had been unclear whether Damon or Katherine had merely been controlling dreams, but after that comment, the suggestion that there are two types of compulsion was introduced. Conscious compulsion is what we see most of the time, and if compulsion of the unconsciousness does exist, the incidents when Damon controlled Elena’s dream, as well as Rose’s dream, the incident(s) of Katherine controlling Stefan’s dream, and Lexi causing Stefan to believe that he was being deprived of blood could be cases of compelling the unconsciousness. Stefan could be fully wake, while Lexi compels his unconsciousness to see those things, because she ultimately wants a response from him, and would need for him to be awake. If he went to sleep, Lexie could always force him to have a similar dream to wake him up, meaning he could be tortured 24/7. Of course, I guess this will make people wonder why Katherine and Damon didn’t just compel Stefan and Elena’s unconsciousness once they woke, respectively. Damon could have really messed with Elena in the early part of Season 1 when she dreamed of him due to his influence, and he could have forced her to continue seeing images of him in her mind after she woke up. Katherine could have continued to try and seduce/torture Stefan while he was awake.

    1. Camilla says:

      Wow, I had forgotten about Damon compelling Rose. I see what you mean that there is some basis to what happened in the episode when remembering that. I also agree that it seems a little convenient to introduce the concept of subconcious compellin later in the show, bacause it does leave it open to question why it hasn’t been used more in past situations. It would have been nice to have some sort of explenation on why it hasn’t been used more in the past.

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