Vampire Diaries Review: The Reckoning

Prior to watching this episode I had read online that Julie Plec said it would be a game changer. I hate it when people use that term to describe their shows, mostly because it’s used way too much and usually don’t apply to the episode it’s being said about. However, this time I think game changer is used appropriately.

First of all, Matt actually got a storyline in this episode, which I appreciate. It was nice to see him be included in the events of Mystic Falls, albeit not in the greatest of ways. I think it was a rash decision to try to kill himself after having seen a text from his ghost sister and only hope that Bonnie would save him, but in the end it worked out. I’m excited for what this will mean for the future of the ghost storyline now that it seems both he and Jeremy can speak to their lost ones, and if it will end with a conflict between Jeremy and Matt concerning which ghost is the good one. Also, let me just say that I have a hard time believing Bonnie was the best at CPR, because I’ve had training and that looked sloppy.

Katherine and Damon started the episode on the run, and although this seems to be the storyline the episode spent the least time on, it is worth mentioning that the kidnapping of Jeremy and communication with Anna made Katherine’s motives a little clearer, but still foggy as they always are with her. The outcome was that Katherine and Jeremy ended up going to wake up Michael, whom we learn was a vampire who hunts vampires with no mercy. There’s not much more to say here until we learn more about Michael, but I will say that I think he might either be the father of Klaus and Rebekah or the cause of vampirism in general, or perhaps both. At least that would make for some interesting storytelling.

Perhaps most important in the episode was what happened with Klaus. After having returned to find that Elena is still alive, he uses Tyler as bait in order to make Bonnie figure out what is wrong with his hybrids by feeding Tyler his blood and killing him, essentially making it their only choice if they want to save Tyler. As Tyler is in transformation under Rebekah’s watch and Bonnie is trying to find a cure, Stefan is being compelled to kill Elena once and for all. However, Stefan shows strength in fighting the compulsion to such an extent that Klaus in the end shuts off Stefan’s humanity. Instead of killing her though, Klaus realizes that it’s Elena’s blood that is the solution to saving his hybrids, seeing through Vicky’s message that the solution is to kill Elena and forever preventing it from working. He feeds Tyler the blood, and he is fine by the end of the episode. Damon returns after finding out there has been trouble in Mystic Falls and finds Elena in the hospital after having scared Klaus away by letting him know they are getting Michael. In the final minutes of the episode we see Stefan return to the mansion just as Damon promises he will never leave Elena again, very much mirroring season 1 with the exception of the role reversals between the brothers.

I enjoy that they actually went as far as making Tyler a hybrid, although I fear what that will mean for him (and Caroline) in the future. I also feel that as much as I hate him, Klaus has his reasons for being like he is, and I’m intrigued to find out more about him being lonely as alluded to by Rebekah, and what makes them fear this Michael so much. I also have to say that the best decision they made was to make Stefan evil, because I never found him as interesting as I do now, and the only way to make this storyline bad is if Elena doesn’t start getting mad at him soon. I don’t want to sit an entire season watching her brooding over this; I want her to fight back. Luckily, by the looks of it, that is what is coming in the next episode.



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