My 6 Favorite Cancelled Shows

Every year a number of shows have to throw in the towel, usually due to low ratings or no more stories left to tell. I watch a lot of television and try to cover some of it on this blog, but I thought that I would write a little bit about 6 shows that I watched growing up or caught up on more recently that have been cancelled or ended over the past decade.

* Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

I watched Buffy every now and then as I was growing up, but I was not able to watch it season by season until I was 18. Then I watched it all in a short amount of time, and it quickly became one of my favourite shows. It has great humour, great characters, a lot of good plot and it manages the monster of the week format along with an overarching storyline. I enjoy watching the Scooby gang solve the mysteries that come their way, and find it amusing to watch the special effects they used in the early seasons evolve as technology evolved. As much as I enjoy other vampire portrayals, I think Spike set the bar to which I compare all of them, and I think it’s safe to say that vampires might not have been such a pop culture phenomenon if Buffy hadn’t existed when it did.

Favourite characters: Spike, Anya, Willow and Andrew.

Favourite season: Cant’s choose, but I liked the post high school seasons best. Except season 4.

* Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks is a show I watched last year. I had heard a lot about it on the internet, and there was a lot of buzz when it was announced that they would have a reunion at the Paley conference. Mostly I started watching it because of the cast and Judd Apatow’s involvement. I am a fan of Judd, as well as Jason Segel, James Franco, Busy Philips, Seth Rogen, John Frances Daily and other actors on the show, and I was interested in seeing what brought them into the business. I really enjoy the show because it’s very funny in a very subtle way, and there’s the added layer of seeing what the actors were capable of so early on in their careers. It’s a feel good show, and I think it’s a shame that it didn’t get more than one season, though that might have made it more forgettable in the long run.

Favourite characters: Nick Andopolis, Daniel Desario and Lindsay Weir.

* Veronica Mars

This show is on my list because it’s well written and well-acted. I love the wit with which the writers write Veronica and the rest of the characters, and I enjoy the mystery plots without questioning too much the plausibility of all this happening in one place. The dynamic between the rich and the less fortunate kids offers a natural ‘enemy’ to latch onto until later in the show when the lines blur more. I think it’s nice to see such a strong female lead as Veronica, who takes no crap from anyone and stands her own no matter the situation. Kristen Bell does a great job portraying her character, as does other actors like Jason Dohring, Ryan Hansen and Kristen Rytter. I thought it was sad that the show never got a proper ending, but I still love watching all the seasons regardless.

Favourite characters: Veronica and Logan.

Favourite season: 2.
* Friends

Friends is the first sit-com I ever watched, and probably the show that I have watched the most times ever. I love the comedy and can’t think of a single episode that I disliked, though there were a plot or two I wasn’t too fond of. I miss the dynamic the 6 friends brought and I am glad that I still have the show on DVD to watch when I have a boring weekend and want a laugh.

Favourite characters: Chandler, Phoebe and Joey.

Favourite season: If I had to choose, probably 5, but I enjoy them all.
* The O.C.

The first show I ever bought on DVD and watched every episode of and the first show that made me cry. I really loved this show when it was on, and still miss it even though I think it ended when it should have. It was a lot of fun to watch the struggles of the rich kids in Orange County and how the relationships between everyone shifted all the time. It had a lot of storylines I didn’t like much (Oliver should never have been a character), but it had a way of making even the characters you hated at first into people you would like to meet in real life (like Taylor and Luke). More than anything though, the Cohen family, Ryan included, was what made this show, and I love the way they made a flawed family work so well. It’s probably the only show about teens where I cared about the parents, and it’s got so much to do with the writers and actors.

Favourite characters: Seth, Summer and Ché.

Favourite season: 1.

* Everwood: 

This is not the first show to pop into my head when I think of ones I love, but looking back I spent a lot of time watching this show. It has a very cosy feel to it, and I enjoy the concept of a fractured family going somewhere new to try to fix what was broken when a family member died. I have had some issues with Andy’s character, but I’ve enjoyed watching Ephram, Amy, Bright and Hannah evolve throughout the seasons. A lot of the actors I see on television today was in this show at some point, and it’s nice to be able to associate people like Emily VanCamp, Paul Wesley, Sarah Lancaster and Steven McQueen with a show I loved when I now see them in Revenge, Vampire Diaries, Chuck and other shows.

Favourite character: Bright and Hannah.

Favourite season: 3/4



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