Vampire Diaries Review: Disturbing Behavior

Disturbing Behaviour was a good but not spectacular episode. I enjoyed watching it, but it felt like it was there to set up the next few episodes and didn’t move the plot along much. What it did do was let us know a little bit more about Jeremy’s situation, it finally addressed the tension between Damon and Elena, it introduced Katherine back into the plot again, and brought Klaus and his friends back to Mystic Falls, at least for the time being.

Very roughly, let’s look at the most important things that happened in this episode.

Stefan refuses Katherine’s help and ends up being tortured: Stefan proved once and for all that even though he might be ‘the ripper’, he is no schemer. Poor Stefan, you should leave that to your brother or your ex-girlfriend in the future. After attempting to make a plan for himself, he ends up on Gloria’s torture bench as she tries to find out where the necklace is, not to help Klaus, but for her own gain. Luckily for Stefan, the always unpredictable (although not so much lately) Katherine kills Gloria and helps him out of his sticky situation. Literally, there was quite a lot of blood required for the ritual. As if that wasn’t enough, his attempt to fool Rebekah proves useless, and before he gets any answers to who they are running from, his disloyalty to the originals is made evident and he is brought back to Mystic Falls.

Elena tries to make Damon into her new Stefan: Elena is having trouble letting go of Stefan even though she seems to have accepted that it’s over. As she continues to spend time with Damon, people in both of their lives make it clear that it’s not a good idea, much to the frustration of both parties. It makes sense from Caroline’s perspective to warn Elena, taking into account her history with Damon and his actions in this episode, but I’m not so sure of Alaric’s motives, at least not until after Damon ‘temporary kills’ him. The tension comes to a head when Damon gets Alaric out of the way and goes to scare Bill, whom he unsuccessfully tried to compel. After the almost disastrous attack on Bill, Damon finally tells Elena off for trying to make him into Stefan when she blatantly tells him that he can’t be around her if he acts like that.

Caroline continues to be the best part of the show: Still angry and hurt by her father’s actions in previous episodes, Caroline comes to his rescue when Damon attacks him. She does an awesome job at showing that she is more than capable to keep up with the Salvatore brothers, and that she cares about her family despite their prejudices against her. Her father continues to be a jerk by making her feel bad for being what she is, but her relationship with Tyler seems to keep her in good spirits most of the episode.

Bonnie returns, and so does ghost-Anna: Bonnie returns (much to my disappointment) and spends most of the episode trying to figure out what is happening to Elena’s necklace. Meanwhile, Jeremy is dealing with Anna haunting him, and we finally get some more insight into that situation, though not nearly enough. After almost being set on fire by Vicky, Jeremy comes clean to Bonnie about what is happening. She talks to Elena about it, but we learn quickly that it was Katherine listening in order to get the necklace, and what she will do about that information is left up in the air.

I should also mention that Bill doesn’t seem intent on giving up his fight against every vampire in Mystic Falls, and that Alaric decides that he should be a part of the council to represent the Gilbert family. I’m not sure if I care much about Alaric this season, but I hope that will change in due time.

I liked that Damon stood up to Elena. I’m not condoning that he wanted to kill/scare Bill, but I do think he had every right to make it clear to Elena that he will never be Stefan for her. Likewise, I was glad to hear a hint of admittance from Elena that she is starting to have feelings for Damon, even though it was far from clear what the nature of those feelings are at this point in time. I though they used just enough of Katherine, and I like how they are moving along the plot by having Rebekah call out Stefan the first time he tries to fool her. I was sort of expecting that Stefan would have some feelings for Rebekah deep down when he got his memory back, but I suppose that they are still intending for Stefan to only be able to love Elena. It would have been nice to see him torn between two people for once, but I don’t think that’s where they want to go this season.

Lastly, I actually liked the return of Anna. I was most looking forward to Vicky when the season started, but I have to say that Anna is turning out to be very interesting. It’s clear that Jeremy cared more about her than he did about Vicky or does about Bonnie. That being said, I’m not sure who (if any) has the best intentions, and what their endgame is. What I will say is that if they actually manage to come back to life, Bonnie will be getting some competition.



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