Vampire Diaries Review: The End of the Affair

In episode 3 ‘The End of the Affair’ we see Klaus and Stefan arrive in Chicago to find answers to why Klaus’ attempt to create his army failed. While there, Klaus fills in some of Stefan’s blind spots from his past, including what earned him the nickname ripper and his affair with Rebekah, whom we learn is Klaus’ sister and an original. Damon gets a phone call from Katherine, tipping him off that they are in Chicago, and off they go to try to get Stefan back. After nearly getting caught when Stefan finds Elena in his liquor closet/serial killer den, they concoct a plan to have Damon distract Klaus while Elena gets Stefan. The plan backfires when Stefan makes it clear that he doesn’t want to go back because it would set everyone back in Mystic Falls in danger, and when Elena refuses to listen he tells her point-blank he doesn’t want to come back to her. The episode ends with the return of Rebekah, along with Stefan’s memory of her. We also find out that Elena’s necklace used to belong to Rebekah and that they need it to find answers about the turning process.

Back in Mystic Falls Caroline is being tortured by her father in an attempt to induce associations to pain whenever she feeds on blood. However, Tyler along with Sheriff Forbes comes to her rescue and get her back home, but Caroline is devastated that her father hates her.

The Best:

There are basically only good things to say about this episode, but these were my absolute favourites:

Stefan totally outshone Damon in this episode. I can’t remember the last time I felt that way, but this time it’s definitely true. But more than that, I loved how they explained all the missing pieces of Stefan’s memory and at the same time revealed that Stefan had a past with the originals, not only Klaus. I was actually kind of sad when Klaus had to remove his memory and leave, not just because of what we learned later about Rebekah’s feelings, but because of the bond that had been forged between the two men. By the episode’s end I now want to see the show end with a rekindling of that relationship and his relationship with Rebekah, even if that means Stefan being evil. It also became clear that Klaus is an evil genius, and that the only thing that might be able to change things is his obliviousness to Elena’s existence.

I also like how they are using Katherine so far this season. I thought they used her a little too much last season, and I am glad they are moving away from those crazy love triangles/squares that exist when she’s around. Also, I think she has double/triple crossed everyone on multiple occasions by now, so using her as a ways of keeping track of Stefan and Klaus seems appropriate.

Lastly, I liked that they introduced the fact that someone’s after Klaus. I was unsure about a whole season about only his quest to create a hybrid army, and I like that there seems to be someone who scares him enough to keep him on the run.

The Bad:

I don’t think there was any real misstep in this episode, but there were a few things that annoyed me a little.

That was mainly Elena in this episode. In her confrontation with Stefan I wanted to yell at the screen that she should think a little past the fact that she wants her boyfriend back. While I’m sure he was mostly trying to get her to back off, he is making a great argument for why by saying that she is the only thing keeping Klaus’ plan from working and that her constantly trying to get Stefan back is just asking to be killed again. Honestly, I do understand that she loves him, but she knows he can handle himself, and it’s fairly apparent that he is doing this mostly to keep his family safe even if he says otherwise.

All in all, a great hour of TV, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this develops. I loved the part of the promo for next episode where Damon is standing in front of Elena with blood around his mouth saying ‘I’m not Stefan’. I appreciate it when they let Elena hear what she needs to be told, but of course I don’t know if he is in the right in that situation. I’ll know in one week.


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