Movie Review: Friends With Benefits

Friends With Benefits is a movie about just that, two friends who make an agreement to have casual sex and stay best friends. It starts when both Jamie and Dylan break up with their boyfriend and girlfriend. Dylan (played by Justin Timberlake) is ‘head-hunted’ by Jamie (Mila Kunis) and moves from LA to NY to become art director for GQ. They become quick friends, and the movie follows them as they make an agreement to be Friends With Benefits.

It is essentially just another romantic comedy, and most of the movie is very straight forward. There were no scenes that really surprised me in ways other than making me laugh a lot, but it doesn’t matter. When you go to see a romantic comedy you don’t expect ground breaking storytelling – at least I don’t- but a funny movie that ends happily. Lately I haven’t seen that many that are actually funny, rather ones that are more concerned about the romantic aspects. This one was a lot more humorous and there were some great lines and funny moments thrown in every now and then. I liked the cameo by Jason Segel and Rashida Jones in the worst romantic movie-within-a-movie ever, and laughed when they made fun of both that and how composers use score to manipulate people’s feelings while watching movies.

My favourite character was probably Tommy played by Woody Harrelson, but Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis did a great job too. I think the most important thing when making a movie is making sure the lead actors have chemistry, and I think Justin and Mila worked well on a romantic level but also as playing best friends. Their friendship was completely believable and hilarious to watch.

All in all I recommend this movie to people who want to have a good laugh and enjoy a fairly predictable, but very funny movie.



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