Chuck versus the Muuurder

In episode 19 of Chuck’s fourth season Chuck was put in charge of the task of finding a candidate similar to him to receive the new intersect by sending out a profile with all his personality quirks, putting the four top candidates through an intense set of tests, including Morgan’s questionnaire on pop culture trivia. However, when Chuck’s top candidate is murdered before he gets the job, everyone in Castle is under suspicion and the hunt for the murderer has to happen fast before more competition is eliminated. Simultaneously at the Buy More, Big Mike is kidnapped by the Large Mart employees due to Jeff and Lester having stolen their mascot Kevin Bacon.

I have to say, I really enjoyed this episode. It was a nice way of blending a predominately stand-alone episode with the larger arc, and I enjoyed the murder mystery. I found the murderer to be fairly obvious after having read a lot of Agatha Christie novels when I was young, but I didn’t mind it because it made room for a lot of humour. The ending when Chuck realizes who the murder is felt like a hurried version of the conclusion of most detective novels where the detective explains his theories, with an intersect feel to keep it Chuck.

I like that Ellie is finally involved in the story, and that she and Awesome have their own story-line going on aside from the baby. I also think that it’s probably Chuck, not Ellie, who is Agent X. There is likely more to find out there, mostly because we got the flashbacks to their childhood and Chuck’s initial upload. I’m really looking forward to knowing what happens next.

I loved the scene with Chuck, Sarah and Casey together after a mission, and I agree completely that it’s a team effort. And I have to say that even though it makes sense in hind sight, I did not see it coming that Vivienne ordered the hit on Chuck. I didn’t think she would go that far, and I wonder how this will affect the last few episodes.


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